Form Description Fillable version
Form AA Application for Registry of Special Resolution for Conversion into a Company Form AA – FrSoc 2021 fillable
Form AI Request to Cancel Registry Form AI – FrSoc 2021 fillable
Form AN Advertising of Cancelling Form AN – FrSoc 2021 fillable
Form AO Instrument of Dissolution Form AO – FrSoc 2021 fillable
Form AP Declaration to accompany Instrument of Dissolution of Society (or Branch) Form AP – FrSoc 2021 fillable
Form AR Advertisement of Dissolution by Instrument Form AR – FrSoc 2021 fillable
Form AR1 Annual Return form – Friendly Society Form AR1 – FrSoc 2021 fillable
Form AR3 Annual Return form – Registered Branch of Friendly Society Form AR3 – FrSoc 2021 fillable
Form AR5 Annual Return form – Specially authorised Society (other than loan society) Form AR5 – FrSoc 2021 fillable
Form AR6 Annual Return form – Benevolent Society Form AR6 – FrSoc 2021 fillable
Form AR8 Annual Return form – Specially authorised Loan Society Form AR8 – FrSoc 2021 fillable

When lodging documents with the RFS, please ensure that only unbound pages are submitted. This will ensure that the time taken to prepare and scan submissions is kept to a minimum, which is in the interests of both the RFS and our customers. Pages of a document shall be kept together by means of a clip or staple at the top left-hand corner and shall not be stitched together or otherwise bound and shall not bear any adhesive tape. Quinquennial return forms are available from the Register of Friendly Societies at


Form B Application to Register a Partial Amendment of Rules Form B – FrSoc 2021 fillable
Form C Declaration in support of an Amendment of Rules​ Form C – FrSoc 2021 fillable
Form D Application to Register a Complete Amendment of Rules Form D – FrSoc 2021 fillable
Form E1-SAP Declaration of solvency – Section 207 of the Companies Act  2014 – for use with the Summary Approval Procedure E1 v2.1 SAP 207 fillable
Form E1 (41) Statutory Declaration of solvency – Section 580 of the Companies Act 2014 only E1-41 v2 fillable
Form E2 Notice of appointment of liquidator E2 v2.4 black fillable
Form E2a Notice of resignation of liquidator E2a v2.1 black fillable
Form E2b Notice of removal of liquidator E2b v2.1 black fillable
Form E2c Notice of appointment of liquidator following removal of previous liquidator E2c v2.2 black fillable
Form E3 Liquidator’s account of his/her acts & dealings & of conduct of the winding up E3 v2.2 black fillable
Form E4 Liquidator’s statement of proceeding and the position of the winding up E4 v2.3 Black fillable
Form E5 Liquidator’s final statement of account (members or creditors’ winding up) E5 v2.2 black fillable
Form E6 Return of final winding up meeting (members’ voluntary winding up) E6 v2.2 black fillable
Form E669 Notice of annulment of liquidation E669 v1.1 black fillable
Form E7 Return of final winding up meeting of members & creditors (creditors’ voluntary winding up) E7 v2.2 black fillable
Form E24 Notice of petition for appointment of examiner E24 v2.2 black fillable
Form G1 Special resolution G1 v2.1 black – fillable
Form H Notice of Change of Registered Office of Society Form H – FrSoc 2021 fillable
Form I Notice of resolution appointing Trustees of Society Form I – FrSoc 2021 fillable
Form Ib Notice of appointment of New Trustee of Branch Form Ib – FrSoc 2021 fillable
Form T Application for approval of change of name, and registry of Special Resolution Form T – FrSoc 2021 fillable
Form U Declaration to accompany Application for Registry of a Special Resolution Form U – FrSoc 2021 fillable
Form V Application for Registry of Special Resolution for Amalgamation of Societies Form V – FrSoc 2021 fillable
Form W Application for Registry of a Special Resolution for Transfer of Engagements Form W – FrSoc 2021 fillable
Form X Declaration by Officer of Society accepting Transfer of Engagements Form X – FrSoc 2021 fillable