Reference Number Description of Service Fee (€)      Fee (€)
 Paper Electronic Submission
1 Acknowledgement of Registry of an Amendment of Rules of a Specially Authorised Society
(a) Complete Amendment 30.00  15.00
(b) Partial Amendment 30.00  15.00
2 Registry of a Special Resolution by any society not including approval of a Change of Name 15.00  n/a
Registry of a Special Resolution by any societyfor approval of a Change of Name 100.00  n/a
3 A Direction to Transfer Stock 50.00  n/a
4 Appointment of an inspector 200.00  n/a
5 Calling a Special Meeting 130.00  n/a
6 Determination of the Registrar on a dispute or her award for dissolution or distribution of funds:
(i) where the matter is settled without a hearing or on one hearing without an adjournment 60.00  n/a
(ii) where more than one hearing is required the same fee as at (i) together with for every hearing after the first and for every adjournment 60.00  n/a
(iii) award for appropriation or division of assets of a society or Branch
(a) where the assets do not exceed €250.00 60.00  n/a
(b) for every additional €125.00 13.00  n/a
7 Order dispensing with consents and conditions for amalgamation or transfer of engagements
(i) where the matter is settled without a hearing or on one hearing 60.00  n/a
(ii) for every hearing after the first and for every adjournment 60.00  n/a
8 Filing of notice of Change of Registered Office 15.00  Nil – Free
9 Filing of notice of Appointment of Trustees 30.00  n/a
10 Filing of a society’s Annual Return 40.00  20.00
11 Exemption from valuation of society which periodically divides its funds or in the case of any society where the requirement has been dispensed with pursuant to Section 28(5) of the Friendly Societies Act, 1896 130.00  n/a
12 Where a society desires its valuation to be carried out by an actuary to be named by the Registrar
if the number of members does not exceed 150 190.00  n/a
if over 150 but not exceeding 250 250.00  n/a
if over 250 but not exceeding 350 320.00  n/a
if over 350 but not exceeding 500 380.00  n/a
if over 500 but not exceeding 700 500.00  n/a
if over 700 but not exceeding 1000 600.00  n/a
For every 500 members or portion thereof exceeding 1000 120.00  n/a
13 Notice of Establishment of a Branch, or the Rules of such Branch or any amendment thereto 25.00  n/a
14 Filing of an Instrument of Dissolution or any Amendment thereto 100.00  n/a
Inspection of a society’s file 6.00  n/a
Signature or seal of the Registrar to a document not chargeable with any other fee 12.00  12.00
Copy or extract of any document (in addition to fee for Registrar’s signature or seal) 3.00  2.50
Printout of names and addresses of societies 3.50  3.50


Provided that where application is made for investigation into the affairs of a society with a view to dissolution thereof on the grounds that the rates of contribution fixed in the rules of the society are insufficient to cover the benefits assured, the Registrar, before making her award, may require the payment of such fees as she deems fit not exceeding the relevant fees specified at reference number 11.

All enquires about registered files and copies of un-scanned submissions should be addressed to